Mesomagor is the entrance to the eastern side of Kakum National Park. Come to Mesomagor and experience a walk in the rainforest, listen and see the beauty. There is a platform in the forest where visitors can rest the night. A local guide and a Wildlife Department staff member will accompany you to the forest and stay with you throughout the night. On the journey to the platform the guides can teach you about various plants used in traditional medicine, you can search for tracks and droppings from forest elephants, and you can keep your eyes open for any of the various animals inhabited in the forest. The hike from the village to the tree platform is approximately two (2) hours, about 45 minutes to an hour in the forest.


The tree platform was originally built in 2000 and has just recently been reconstructed. It stands about 30 feet from the ground. It offers you a unique experience while in the rainforest. It is an excellent place to hear and watch wildlife.


The sites and sounds in the forest are amazing. The forest has Muna, Olive and Black-and-White Colobus monkeys, duikers, bush babies, Tree Dassies, forest elephants and more. If you do not see these animals you will hear many. The range of birds, insects, and animals you will hear is wonderful and the guides will be able to help define each sound.