Public Transport

From Accra to Nyankumasi
In Accra go to the Kanishie Station and take an Assin Foso vehicle. You will alight early, at the station in Nyankumasi-Ahenkro.

From Cape Coast to Nyankumasi
From Cape Coast kotokraba station, you take trotro to Assin Fosu road and you stop at Fante Nyankomasi about thirty minutes drive from Cape Coast. Then you take taxi to Assin Mesomagor.

From Kumasi to Nyankumasi
Go to Kejetia Station and take a Cape Coast vehicle. Alight early at the Nyankumasi-Ahenkro station.

From Nyankumasi-Ahenkro to Mesomagor
Once at Nyankumasi-Ahenkro you will take a taxi to Mesomagor. On Tuesday and Friday you should be able to join a taxi but you may have to charter one to get all the way to Mesomagor. We recommend that you visit the GPRTU (Ghana Private Road Transport Union) booth in the taxi station. They will assist you in getting a taxi to Mesomagor.

Private Car

From Accra to Nyankumasi-Ahenkro
From Cape Coast to Nyankumasi-Ahenkro. Get on the Kumasi-Cape Coast road and head north, as if you were going to Kumasi. When you reach Nyankumasi there will be a petrol station on your left, a taxi rink and a new petrol station. After this second petrol station there will be a junction road on the left, take this road. The Royal Hotel is also on this road and there will be a sign directing you to this hotel.

From Kumasi to Nyankumasi-Ahenkro

From Nyankumasi-Ahenkro to Mesomagor
Once you have made the left, onto the road where the Royal Hotel is, in Nyankumasi, you will continue on this road. Once you reach Jakai, past the Jakai Rural Health Clinic, you will come to a junction. Curve to your left. Not soon after the road will veer to the right. You will then pass Dosii and Amoabin. After Amoabin, you will come to a junction on the left; this is the road to Mesomagor. Once on this road, you will come directly to the village.